Can We Close the Revolving Door?: Recidivism vs Employment of Ex-Offenders in the U.S.

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While there are disagreements and divergences, in many areas of the negotiations the European Commission is singing from the corporate hymn-sheet. The revolving door between the public and private sectors is helping to grease the wheels of the TTIP corporate lobby. Some of the EU’s most senior decision-makers and officials, alongside those from the member state levels, spin through the revolving door into corporate advisor roles; others go in the other direction, from corporate jobs into the public sector.

Yet many of us have ‘revolving door’ relationships: we date people with the same looks and personality traits, over and over, even though it’s.

Download our report here. In a first-ever, comprehensive analysis of career changes between the EU institutions and other employers, Transparency International EU seeks to look beyond individual scandals and provide a clear picture of the revolving door phenomenon across the EU institutions. We have analysed the career paths of those former members of the European Parliament and 27 Commissioners who were in office during the last mandate and have since left the EU institutions.

The full details of our analysis are available online on EU Integrity Watch www. The demand for policy insiders is high, particularly among lobbying outlets. While the exchange of knowledge, experience and personnel between the public and private sector can bring very positive results, there are risks involved as well; undue influence, conflicts of interest and in some cases regulatory capture by special interests are particularly problematic.

Our report finds that many of those leaving the EU institutions and specifically politics now have activities where risks of conflicts of interest cannot be ruled out. Most worrying are those situations where senior decision-makers from the EU move directly into positions where they seek to influence former colleagues or their staff or join organisations they have previously regulated. If the EU is to uphold its self-proclaimed role as an international champion in ethics rules leading international best practices, then much a stronger and more developed ethics framework is needed for managing the revolving door phenomenon.

This is our first-ever, comprehensive analysis of career changes between the EU institutions and other employers, providing a clear picture of the revolving door phenomenon across the EU institutions.

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The utility model relates to a kind of human-computer interaction terminal of rotating gate control system, the LCD electronic operation device of rotating gate control system. The purpose of this utility model provides a kind of reasonable in design, and is easy to use, greatly makes things convenient for the LCD electronic operation device of rotating gate control system of field staff’s installation, debugging and maintenance.

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A revolving door is used to control traffic or heating and air conditioning in a building. The revolving door structure consists of individual door panels or wings , a center shaft with the hardware needed to support the door wings, a circular structure called a “rotunda” or “drum” that is usually fitted with glass, and the ceiling supported by the rotunda that contains either a mechanical braking device used to control the speed of the doors or an electronic device that uses a motor to drive the doors automatically.

The main benefit of a revolving door is that it is always closed and always open. This means that the design of the system is such that there is at least one door wing sealing the opening at all times reducing the amount of heating volume and air conditioning HVAC that escapes from a building and these savings in energy costs can be considerable. The revolving door achieves these savings because the curved walls of the rotunda allow the seals to fit tightly as the door wings rotate.

Each wing is fitted with a rubber and felt weather seal.

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Wifey and I are vacationing in the big Second City – and having a great time! We’ve been encountering many revolving doors during our stay. We keep asking each other if we are using them correctly. Is it ok to get into a quarter sized section of revolving door with a stranger? Or are you supposed to wait for the next open space?

With the advent of the internet, it’s easy to stay connected to someone we once dated, even when logic tells us the relationship should be.

Revolving doors from GEZE are individually customised for each project, and specially manufactured to the customer’s specifications. The entrance area is the face of the building and thus of the enterprise. A positive visual impression is confirmed by the faultless functioning of the door system in every situation, for example in case of high access frequency. GEZE revolving doors meet these demands, and impress building investors and planners as well as operators and users.

The new revolving door solutions have been developed in very close collaboration between GEZE and Edora. GEZE has expanded its own portfolio through its majority shareholding in the Ankara-based company Edora. Since the beginning of August, the jointly-developed portfolio has been available in selected markets through three special models. The TSA door model has a very powerful drive and can be used up to a diameter of mm. The TSA Multi variant also includes an integrated double leaf sliding door ECdrive and so enables multifunctional use.

Revolving doors offer good protection against energy loss and draughts as they are open and closed at the same time. By eliminating draught in the entrance area, the immediate environment can be used commercially, while noise, dust and dirt are kept out.

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As winter approaches and pressure on health services inevitably increases, new guidance has been published to help prevent people with social care needs staying in hospital unnecessarily. The guideline from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence NICE will ensure people with social care needs who need hospital treatment get the support they need to leave hospital in a coordinated and timely way. The guideline will also help to avoid repeated hospital stays.

It also says pressure on beds should not result in any unplanned or unco-ordinated discharges, and commissioners of health and social care services should develop a multi-agency plan to address pressures on services, including bed shortages. For those with extra care needs, they may continue to worry about how they will cope when they go back home.

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A prohibition on serving as an elected official and a lobbyist simultaneously, however, was stripped from the bill in a floor amendment. Senate Bill 13 by State Sen. Chief among these reforms is a prohibition on immediately working as a lobbyist after serving as an elected official. One major reform in the original bill, however, a prohibition on simultaneously serving as an elected official and as a lobbyist, was stripped by Creighton in a floor amendment after discussions with other senators.

Current law does not bar lobbyists from serving in elected office. Additionally, the bill requires that personal financial statements be posted online. Currently the disclosure documents must be requested from the Texas Ethics Commission. The bill will now be sent to the House, where a companion version has not been filed.

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For legislators, some states start the clock on the cooling-off period as soon as an individual leaves public service, while others begin at the end of a session or the end of the session for which a legislator was elected to serve. For example, some states exempt lobbying on behalf of an agency or other governmental entity.

The following table provides the statutory provisions relating to mandatory cooling-off periods for each state’s legislators, including D.

Automatic doors can pose risks of crushing, shearing and drawing-in at the various closing edges. At the revolving door. At the sliding door. Depending on the.

Analyzed the data: UF HF. Despite the recurring nature of the disease process in many psychiatric patients, individual careers and time to readmission rarely have been analysed by statistical models that incorporate sequence and velocity of recurrent hospitalisations. This study aims at comparing four statistical models specifically designed for recurrent event history analysis and evaluating the potential impact of predictor variables from different sources patient, treatment process, social environment.

Potential prognostic factors stem from a standardized patient documentation form. Estimated regression coefficients over different models were highly similar, but the frailty model best represented the sequentiality of individual treatment careers and differing velocities of disease progression. It also avoided otherwise likely misinterpretations of the impact of gender, partnership, historical time and length of stay.

A widespread notion of psychiatric diseases as inevitably chronic and worsening could be rejected. Time in community was found to increase over historical time for all patients. Most important protective factors beyond diagnosis were employment, partnership, and sheltered living situation. Risky conditions were urban living and a concurrent substance use disorder. Prognostic factors for course of diseases should be determined only by statistical models capable of adequately incorporating the recurrent nature of psychiatric illnesses.

Serious mental illness is often believed to follow a natural course with chronic, recurrent episodes of the underlying disease. After the introduction of modern drug treatment neuroleptics, antipsychotics, antidepressants in the second half of the 20th century a formerly permanent seclusion of psychiatric patients within closed hospitals has been replaced by recurrent hospitalisations.

The majority of patients ever hospitalised with mental health problems do not return to hospital for at least a rather long time [5] [6] [7].